Why you should buy an electric power washer

You can cut through grime in no time when using pressure washers. From garage doors to floors, lawn furniture to lawn equipment, fences to decks, even cars to boats can be squeaky clean once you’ve rinsed them with the pressure washer. There is no doubt that this powerful tool can leave your surfaces spotless. If you are planning to do some spring cleaning and looking for using this wonderful device, the decision of what type you should use and whether you should rent it or buy it will be a dilemma.

Buying vs. renting a pressure washer

an electric power washerShould you purchase it or should you rent it? It depends on your needs, how often will you use it, how much maintenance you can handle, and how much money are you willing to spend. The cost of renting one starts at around $60 a day while you can find one for around $150 for purchase. Upkeep and repairs are no worries of yours when you rent a pressure washer since you won’t be the one to pay for the repairs, but in retrospect, maintaining one is considered relatively easy. Depending on your usage frequency, how often you use the pressure washer is a determining factor in deciding whether owning one is a worthwhile investment. If you only need it for a day and don’t foresee needing to use it anytime in the future, then renting is the answer. If you need it several times a year to clean your dwelling and what comes with it, buying and owning one is the way to go for cost-effectiveness and convenience.

Electric powered vs. gas powered

There are two main types of pressure washers; an electric powered one and a gas powered one. Finding the right type depends on what you will you use it for and how much time do you have. For lighter-duty jobs, electric ones work best if you want to clean your decks and patios or furniture. For heavy-duty jobs, gas-powered ones are your go-to for quickly cleaning large areas and tough stains. The gas type is more powerful and faster to clean with, but it needs a little extra effort for fuel-mixing, pull-starting, and tune-ups. While the electric one has less pressure which means slower cleaning, it is relatively light and quiet with little upkeep. A less costly electric power washer will work as well as a gas one, it will only take longer to finish up. Read up on reviews of the best electric power washers and gas ones to help you make the decision.


an electric power washerThe choice of it all comes back to you. It depends on all your considerations. If you want one-time cleaning with fast results, then renting a gas power washer is the way to go. If you plan on investing one for frequent use and convenience while it’s easy on the wallet, then you should buy an electric power washer.…