Effortless Ways To Control Pests

Pests are destructive to property and a risk to human health. They affect normalcy and reduce the quality of your everyday life. They thrive in almost any given environment and reproduce rapidly to increase in numbers within a short span of time. There are several effective ways of pest control, but the easiest, affordable, safe and comfortable method is through preventative measures.

Safeguard your homes, offices, commercial premises, gardens, parks, sidewalks and hospitals against notorious and harmful pests. Examples of common pests are cockroaches, bed bugs, fruit flies, house flies, fleas, jiggers, ants, ticks, lice, mice, rats, moths, and beetles. The following Bellator Pest Control Steps will help you effectively achieve pest control

Ways to control pests

Seal entry points

pestsPests are minute in size and can easily get into buildings through cracks, crevices, holes and any other unattended openings available. Inspect your home for such openings and ensure they are properly sealed. Keep the area around buildings well mowed, attend to bushes and remove any objects likely to harbor pests. Keep gardens free of weeds and well watered.

Ensure the trash cans have well fitting lids and they are emptied regularly. Tale tell signs To determine whether your home or garden is infested or not, look for the following signs insect droppings, wings, crawling insects on the floors or walls, for wood ants the infested wood will produce some dust and will sound hollow on tapping. For parasitic pests such as lice and fleas, there will be itching in humans and pets. For garden pests, there will hole on leaves of the plants.


The majority of the household pests are controlled through good hygiene. Ensure the kitchen floors, the counters and utensils are cleaned up after every use. Dispose of the food remains in a sealed bin. By proper waste disposal, the pests are controlled through starvation. To get rid of fruits flies, do not keep excessively ripe and cut fruits in the open. Fleas and bedbugs are hard to control when the pests infest in the rugs and blankets. Ensure your rugs are cleaned frequently. The house must be vacuumed, dusted and mopped often.

Use of pesticides

Use of pesticidesControlled use of pesticides is important to ensure there is no introduction of harmful chemicals to the environment. The recommended pesticide for household pests is Boric acid. Apply this on places where the pests are most likely to be found. It is effective on crawling insects such as ants and cockroaches. Use environmentally tested fumigants on flying insects such as moths. For large-scale infestation is it advisable to involve a team of experts.


Make your home safe, comfortable and pleasant to come back to every evening by employing the expert Pest Control guidelines given above. Keep your families in perfect health by controlling pests such as rats which carry disease-causing microorganisms.…